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iPhone Bikini Girl Application Casting Today

Modeling / September 12, 2009

Just got back from an all day casting for an iPhone Bikini girl application which was fun. I cut back my food yesterday evening, did alot of cardio/abs, then further cut back water/food today so my physique was tight. (By cut back I mean that I consume the bare mininum vs. consuming nothing).

So, the girls that showed up at the casting all had fantastic bodies (lean and long, I was the only muscular one as usual) and nice faces. I’m pretty happy with how I did as it was confirmed that I will be in the application.  The girls will be rated by the users with 1-5 stars.  After 2 months of the application release, the #1 girl will get an all inclusive vacation in Southern Europe.  The #2 girl will get a city trip to London and the #3 girl will get a gift certificate to go shopping.  We all got gift certificates to an online clothing shop as well.  Not a bad day 🙂

Funnily enough, I was thrown the camera a number of times to shoot the girls and had a bit of fun with that too! The photographer, Mark Windy, really respects my photography work and said that I’m the only person that he would trust to shoot the girls as well. What a compliment! All in all, it was a fun day but totally knackered.  Going to take a nap then get my workout in, then back to bed for an early night.  Tomorrow I’m going to be on a monster truck with Telihana for DJ Pole Folder, dancing to his tunes in the Liege Parade so I need to rest up.

Natalie Minh

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