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Fitness Model Diet: Scarsdale Medical Diet Day 3

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Day 1: 132lbs
Day 2: 127.2lbs
Day 3: 128 lbs

The weigh in is still very reasonable to me as it’s a 4 lb change over three days. I did my morning and HIIT cardio as usual and finished off with some ab and chest work. My diet was pretty good although I deviated from the SMD a little bit in the evening to have another 2 slices of protein bread (total of 3 slices instead of the one prescribed by SMD) and 200g of fat free fromage frais (Belgium’s version of cottage cheese but smooth and much easier to find). All in all I estimate that I had 1200 calories and a huge volume of exercise.

The main point that I got from the SMD is to keep your calories very low, carbs and fat low, protein high. I estmate that I’m burning 600-800 calories a day with exercise and my resting metabolic rate is around 1300 calories. It is normally recommended that I consume 1800 calories while on diet. Please note that this is certianly NOT a long term not sustainable program, like the SMD said. Most importantly, I’m listening to my body and making adjustment accordingly.

I practiced my walks in my competition bikinis as well, everything seems to look ok. Have to continue studying my routine for my themewear – it’s going to be very special!

After the gym I worked pretty late on post processing the pics from Sardinia until 1:30am. Damn fat burners are keeping me awake!

FMI 728x90

This morning I overslept my alarm and will have to move my morning cardio into the evening for one long session. I typically try to break up the cardio into segments because > 1hr straight followed by weight training is just dreadful.

Breakfast today was 1/3 cup All Bran, skim milk, stevia, and cinnamon (so yummy) followed with 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg fried with spray oil. As usual, I got a new idea for making my eggs and kind of replicated a bearnaise tasting creation. It was pretty tasty!

Bearnaise Style Eggs

3 egg whites and 1 whole egg fried on medium heat with spray oil, sunny side up. Sprinkle with black pepper, garlic salt and terragon. Pop the yolk, pour in 1 tsp. red wine vinegar, and smear over the egg whites.

Packed lunch, gym bag, and then it was off to work.


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