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Daily Schedule

Diet / Exercise / Healthy / Lose weight / Nutrition / Training / Working out / Workout plan / September 3, 2009

Stage Ready Nutriton & Training by Brian Cannone

My Typical schedule:

7am: Wake

7:30-8:30am: Glutamine, fiber, and coffee. Do morning stationary bike for 30 minutes, cook food for the day as required, get caught up on emails.

8:30am: ½ cup of All Bran with skim milk, stevia, cinnamon. 2-3 egg whites.

9am: Work

Noon: Cup of plain vegetables (sometimes raw or steamed), 4-5oz of protein (baked, steamed, etc), sometimes a ½ cup of cooked rice/low calorie broth soup/slice of bread.

12-1pm: Usually nap in the car and run errands

2pm: Take supplements.

3pm: Eat protein and a cup of plain veggies.

6pm: Take supplements. Eat protein and a ½ cup of plain veggies.

7pm: Leave work for the gym

7:30 – 10pm: Gym. HIIT stepper routine and musculation. HIIT routine is 30 minutes of alternating sprinting/medium intensity on the stair master. Then for musculation I do something like legs, back, shoulders/arms, chest/arms, abs/legs. Or if I’m short on time in the evening then I’ll do my stationary bike for 30 minutes and a workout DVD.

10pm: Eat protein and a cup of plain veggies. I mix it up but remember to have a protein and small amount of carb. For example, I might have a couple slices of ham/smoked salmon and a cup of fat free yogurt and fruit. Or I have some 100g chicken breast + rice cakes + veggies. Whatever it is, I keep it light so I go to bed slightly hungry.

10 – 12:30am: Cook more, internet, emails. Sleep.

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Natalie Minh

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