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My Photography Influences

After returning from Monaco and back to the reality working in my Finance job, my mind can’t help but daydream about the beautiful sights that I have seen and sensed. Each time I have such an adventure I try to capture all of these moments on camera. But it’s more than just snapping shots for me. I want to tell a story that the viewer could follow along, sense every detail with me, and see the world through my eyes. Pictures for me are about capturing an emotion, a fleeting moment that you also have experienced and are often triggered back into your memory because of a familiar sound or smell. Moments like this give me goosebumps and pause my day with a smile on my face.

Photography is a difficult skill and it’s a challenge for me to continue to hone my style. There’s a few artists out there who expertly weld the camera that I look to in order to develop my own eye. I’d like to share my favorites.

Errikos Andreou. Erriko’s work is haunting, spirited, and inspiring.

Michael is a fashion photographer whose work I first observed in W Magazine. I find his work inspiring since for me as a model, I usually did swimsuit/lingerie/fitness and his avant garde fashion photography was the type of modeling that I didn’t do. Thus as a photographer, it’s a challenge for me to see the world through through the fashion veil.

Luke Duval. Luke is a Vietnamese pharmacist turned fashion photographer who began his new career based on a dream (I can relate!). Self trained, his artistry caught my eye years ago when I stumbled upon his MySpace profile.

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