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Low Calorie Foods

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Curious to see what people eat as essentials to their low calorie lifestyle. I found this thread on a nutrition forum and all the women listed their healthy eats. It definitely gave me some ideas for my own grocery list (3 made me laugh too).

So, here’s some that I eat and that I found on the nutrition forum that I thought would be helpful (in no particular order):

  1. lemon juice, garlic salt, pepper as salad dressing
  2. Celery with hummous
  3. That yogurt that makes you poop (to quote Tina Fey)
  4. Baby carrots
  5. Sugar free jello cups
  6. Fudgecicles
  7. Oatmeal
  8. Tangerines
  9. Pineapple
  10. Veggie burgers
  11. Cottage cheese
  12. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries
  13. Baby spinach
  14. Miso soup
  15. Hot sauce
  16. Coffee
  17. Water
  18. Morningstar soy breakfast sausages
  19. Whole grain thomas’s light english muffins
  20. boca chick’n patties
  21. black cherry sugar free jello
  22. Pumpkin
  23. Cucumbers
  24. Apples, oranges, bananas, grapefruit
  25. Tea
  26. Coffee
  27. Kashi GoLean
  28. Fiber One
  29. Black beans
  30. Sara Lee light bread
  31. PB2
  32. Oikos Greek Yogurt
  33. Appel Farms Quark
  34. Alpenrose Nonfat Cottage Cheese
  35. Egg whites
  36. Vinegar
  37. Tofu Shirataki noodles
  38. S&W Edamame
  39. Cabbage and lettuce
  40. Frozen broccoli and spinach leaves (Actually pretty much ALL fresh/frozen veggies!)
  41. Frozen tilapia
  42. 8th Continent Light Vanilla Soy Milk
  43. Spaghetti Squash
  44. Canned tuna
  45. Salsa
  46. Crystal Light Lemonade
  47. Black grapes
  48. salad
  49. tuna and salmon
  50. La Tortilla Wraps
  51. Salsa
  52. Vinegar
  53. Walden Farms Caramel Dip
  54. Cocoa Via products
  55. Almond Breeze
  56. Fiber One
  57. Cherry Tomatoes
  58. Stevia Sweetener
  59. Orbit Gum
  60. Bell Peppers
  61. Onions
  62. Asparagus
  63. Mustard
  64. Tomato Paste
  65. Nori Sheets/Seaweed
  66. Bran flakes
  67. Skim milk
  68. Splenda
  69. Lentils/beans
  70. Apples
  71. Bananas
  72. Boca Burgers
  73. Light life veggie hot dogs (45 calories, can’t tell them from real franks)
  74. canned pumpkin
  75. Thomas’s light multigrain English muffins
  76. Smart Balance light
  77. whole wheat pita bread
  78. fat free cooking spray, for stirfrying
  79. PB2
  80. Smucker’s sugar free jelly
  81. Sugar free maple syrup
  82. Hershey’s sugar free chocolate syrup
  83. Egg whites
  84. Frozen shrimp
  85. frozen scallops
  86. cocktail sauce
  87. stir fry vegetables
  88. lean chicken breast
  89. 93% lean ground beef
  90. grapefruit
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