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Fitness Model Recipe: Shrimp Low Carb Spring Rolls

Hey Asian Food fans, it’s me and I’m in the kitchen again!

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How to eat a salad in 30 seconds: “Shrimp Low Carb Spring Rolls”

– 2 sheets of good quality thick rice paper
– Spinach or some type of flat salad
– 1/2 bell pepper
– 1/4 cucumber
– 2 mushrooms
– some sprigs of coriander/cilantro, mint leaves (both are optional)
– 8 peeled and cooked shrimp
– low sodium soy sauce, I like to add hot sauce as well for dipping

Get the rice paper wet on one side and lay down in a plate. Stack the roll with salad first, then the veggies and shrimp. While rolling the rice paper, close up the ends. Repeat for the second roll. Eat and dip in soy sauce.

The original recipe calls for vermicelli which I omit to save on calories/carbs.

This very filling snack is super low calories and carbs as the rice paper is only 30 cal/2.3g protein/7g carb/0 fat. I find it a better solution than using tortilla wraps.

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